We empower people to discover their inner champion and raise their levels of personal satisfaction, health and wellbeing

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We provide evidence-based advanced coaching programs, training, and tools, all approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

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What We Do

We want more people getting the most out of life, living healthier and happier, and approaching their lives and work with ways proven to work. That is why our work is focused on developing and providing advanced coaching programs, targeting professionals who seek options to raise the level of their practice beyond regular coaching training and are ready to invest in high-quality, science-based education.

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    Join our evidence-based advanced coaching programs, all approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

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Why Us?

The Science2Wellbeing approach

Our approach is to combine modern research methodologies for assessing wellbeing and newest scientific findings in the field of preventive medicine, stress research and positive psychology with years of experience in professional coaching in order to develop innovative and dynamic coaching programs. Science2Wellbeing programs, training and tools are developed after our hypothesis and concepts were thoroughly tested in large-scale experimental studies.

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  • Gather experience through professional coaching practice
  • Develop hypothesis from empirical observations and up-to-date research work
  • Run a highly-controlled and well-designed pilot study
  • Run a large-scale experimental study
  • Implement results in reliable, ICF approved coaching programs and tools

Our Programs

  • Values2Wellbeing Certificate Program

    An award-winning coaching method developed by high-profile scientists

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  • Join Our Upcoming Online Program Starting in September 2020

    An ongoing support system to our certified coaches

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Meet Our Amazing Team

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Laurie Cozart PCC, MCNLP

Speaker, Executive Coach and Strategic Interventionist

I have a vivid memory of the first time I “coached ” someone, I was five years old. My older brother Ray, who was 9 at the time, was being bullied at school. I remember not having any idea what to say so I just listened to him and let him share his feelings and told him what a great big brother he was. This theme of being able to hold space for others and listen as they work through …

Senka Holzer, PhD

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow And Certified Life Coach

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the biochemical connection between our minds and bodies. What began as a youthful curiosity grew into a life-long drive to understand how the connection works. When I did my first research project for a school chemistry competition, I fell in love with the scientific method of proving or disproving a theory. At age fourteen, while I didn’t know what specific branch of science I would follow, I knew …

Michelle Payne, MCC

Executive and Leadership Coach

I’ve spent most of my professional life supporting executives as they discover and then figure out how to live their most important values. In the process, I’ve come to understand my own core values. The older I get, the more clearly I see that actively serving others is not only deeply fulfilling – it is essential to my own peace and wellbeing. I am a wife and mother of two amazing girls, who bring me joy and challenge me each …

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Thanks for all the great info you gave in your class! I loved it all, the science, the group, the place, the insights. It was a great day. Hope to see you again soon and tell you how I am applying and implementing "CORE vs. ACQUIRED values". So exciting!
Lois Thorpe Payne

Lois Thorpe Payne

ACC, Life Coaching by Lois

Your training was powerful and it gave me a lot to think about, ponder and act upon. I look forward to working with and connecting with you in the future.
Ray Weaver

Ray Weaver

PCC, Aboge Coaching

The process we did on Saturday is the best I've ever experienced with values. The mosaic of personality traits, EQ, values, and the universal emotions of being human is so powerful.

Janet Mahrle

Mahrle Coaching Services

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