Why Us?

The Mind-Body Health Connection

For decades, psychologists and physicians have recognized the link between mental health and physical wellbeing. In fact, a recent internet search yielded 46,800 scholarly articles on mind-body interactions and health.

We are a team of coaches, educators and scientists whose professional experience has shown us the power people have to take control of their health and happiness by changing their attitudes and habits. In our studies, we have worked with hundreds of bright, motivated, and committed achievers. What did they have in common? Despite investing enormous amounts of energy, they all felt worn down and stuck in a life out of balance.

The typical responses for a remedy? "Work harder, do more of the same!"  That was never the answer.

Values and Wellbeing

Coming from our various disciplines, we found that the common factor among all these capable individuals was a disconnect from their own value systems. Most people are aware that we are more effective when we work toward goals based on our values. What few people understand and what became one of our first research hypothesis (and today one of our established theories) is that we operate on two different sets of values.

First, core values, which are inherent and more or less permanent. Secondly - acquired values, which we absorb from our changing environment. The time, place, and circumstances in which we live exert powerful influences on our beliefs, goals, and daily interactions? The problem arises when our acquired values conflict with and overshadow our core values. Time and again, we saw that when our clients discovered and connected with their core values – perhaps for the first time ever – they gained not only a sense of peace, but also better health.

The Science

Our experiences led us to this hypothesis: Systematic approach for identifying core vs. acquired values through coaching can play a critical role in helping clients improve their personal satisfaction, health and overall wellbeing. The real impetus came when we decided to test our hypothesis by conducting an experimental study.

We first developed a flexible but consistent coaching process that helps clients identify and prioritize two different sets of values. Next, we created tools clients can choose to evaluate their satisfaction with the important areas of their lives, and then develop action plans. This completely new concept of core vs. acquired values, together with the systematic way we apply it, made all the difference for both, our coaches and their clients. The study won the 1st Place Research Award at the 2015 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference, organized by McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching, and Harvard Medical School.

The Value For You

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We work hard to develop and test our programs and tools with hundreds of individuals and professional coaches. We're always challenging our hypotheses and research data at large international conferences. It's imperative that our programs and tools are ICF approved and that you get credits for them. Our commitment is to offer you the highest possible value for your training.

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