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When we began to study people’s value systems, we quickly observed that we hold two completely different sets of values.

Core values are what we truly are. In a sense, they are our psychological DNA. When our thoughts and actions align with our core values, we are at our best.

Acquired values are what we have been taught and have accepted is most important for doing well in life. Deeply held acquired values come over a lifetime from various sources – parents/guardians, friends, schools, work, language, movies, music and literature; technology, and business, to name a few.

We need to be aware of how strongly our thoughts, emotions, and decisions are influenced by both our core and acquired value systems. Unless we consciously evaluate and choose which values to respond to, we tend to favor our acquired values, swimming or sinking in a river of daily demands, reacting to what seems most pressing or what seems to offer the quickest gratification.

But here’s the problem: Because acquired values don’t reflect what innately matters most to us, efforts driven by them bring us only short spikes of satisfaction. People who invest heavily in their acquired values while ignoring their core values often find themselves physically and emotionally exhausted, and hungry for meaning, purpose, and genuine fulfillment.

The “Values2Wellbing™” Program is specifically designed to help people fully understand their value systems. We will teach you how to help your clients identify and prioritize both their core and acquired values in a three-session coaching package. With this awareness they will be able to strengthen their personal core value-based decision making system. As a result, they will experience lasting increase in levels of well-being, better motivation for work, more harmonious relationships and a feeling that their life is more purposeful.

The study behind Values2Wellbeing™ was conducted by Senka Holzer, PhD, and won the 1st Place Research Award at the 2015 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference, organized by McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching, and Harvard Medical School. Senka partnered with a team of Master Certified Coaches and others to develop this systematic process that showed effective in reducing stress and increasing life satisfaction.

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