Join Our Upcoming Online Program Starting in September 2020

Values2Wellbeing is a research-based coaching program carefully designed to help your clients examine the complexity of their values systems and then focus their time and attention on what matters most to them.

The study behind Values2Wellbeing was conducted by Senka Holzer, PhD, and won the 2015 Harvard Medical School Research Award. Senka partnered with Master Certified Coaches,Michelle Payne, Laurie Cozart, to develop this systematic process for reducing detrimental stress and increasing life satisfaction

You can become certified to coach this program and earn a total of 41 CCEU’s, 26 Core and 15 Research and Development Competencies towards ICF credential renewal. Here’s how—

Start by experiencing the Values2Wellbeing program as a client. This phase begins in the Summer of 2020.

Next, learn to use the Values2Wellbeing concepts and exercises with your own clients in following phases:

  • Research Webinar (TBA)
  • Ethics/Bias Webinar (TBA)
  • Train the Coach Session #1: Rhetoric vs. Reality Gap, (TBA)
  • Train the Coach Session #2: Core vs. Acquired Values, (TBA)
  • Train the Coach Session #3: Expectation vs. Reality Gap, (TBA)

Location: The Training is entirely ONLINE – join us from the comfort of your home!


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