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Dr. Senka Holzer was led to her specialty—heart physiology—by her fascination of the biochemical connection between the mind and body. After completing studies in biochemistry at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, she moved to Graz, Austria, to attend a PhD program in Molecular Medicine from the Medical University of Graz. Soon after graduation, Senka was awarded the Austrian Science Fund’s most prestigious postdoctoral fellowship for young female scientists, which led her to the University of California, Davis. While living in California, she entered the world of coaching by completing Professional Coaching for Life and Work at UC Davis and The Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley. Senka left the coach-training program inspired to understand whether disconnection from our value systems can have detrimental effects on our hearts. She organized a team of coaches, educators, and scientists to conduct an experimental study on life values and how values-based coaching can change levels of wellbeing and stress. In 2015, she received a research award from McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching and Harvard Medical School. Currently, Senka is leading the research unit on subcellular ion homeostasis and hypertrophic signaling in cardiac health and disease at the Department of Cardiology of the Medical University of Graz. Senka lives in Graz, Austria with her husband and two kids.

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We live in a marvelous time of human history. Humans have created a world in which goods and entertainment are easily accessed across the globe, but as discretionary spending and portfolios grow, so does the emptiness within a person’s life. The never-ending consumptive cycle can leave individuals feeling weary stuck and unfulfilled. When one’s life is aligned with their core values, they are at their best. Yet despite what popular psychology says, understanding one’s core values isn’t enough to ensure fulfillment. Senka’s research reveals something new: that people operate with not one, but two different sets of values. In addition to core values, everyone absorbs values from outside sources. Senka calls these acquired values, and most people aren’t even aware of them. Our awareness of our acquired values determines our ultimate fulfillment. Without this knowledge, people may spend precious time and energy attempting to align themselves with values that are not even their own.

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A Scientific Approach to Becoming Your Best Self

NEW YORK—Jan. 25, 2022—Morgan James’ new release, Be You: The Science of Becoming the Self You Were Born to Be, by Senka Holzer, PhD, is an award-winning, science-backed guide to living an authentic, fulfilling life.


Based on study for which Dr. Senka Holzer and her team received a McLean Hospital’s Institute of Coaching and Harvard Medical School research award, Be You features the novel concept of “Psychological DNA” ─ mental genes which convey the unique information about what each person needs in order to thrive and embody their full potential.


Be You disseminates the results of hard science in a friendly and conversational tone while still providing practical and profound information on a level that everyone can understand. Featuring a guide that helps people feel good about every big or small decision they make, Be You helps to identify personal values and become one’s most authentic self.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Senka Holzer, PhD, please contact (866) 568-7818.


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Be You: The Science of Becoming the Self You Were Born to Be, by Senka Holzer, PhD, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on January 25, 2022. Be You —9781631956072 —has 230 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95.


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AUTHOR NAME: Senka Holzer, PhD

MAILING ADDRESS: 3460 23rd Ave. Albany Oregon 97321 United States

PHONE NUMBER: (866) 568-7818

EMAIL ADDRESS: lj.senka@gmail.com

WEBSITE: https://www.science2wellbeing.com/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/senkaholzer

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/senkaljubojevic/

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